By 卵かけご飯
To think there are actually people out there who don’t ship KyoSaya


By 卵かけご飯

To think there are actually people out there who don’t ship KyoSaya

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Men of tumblr. Your duty awaits

im just waiting for them to post pictures of themselves in these dresses

What started off as a joke has now done nothing but make me feel pretty… 

Am I doing it right?

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Albus Severus Potter starts Herbology at Hogwarts

"Hey Professor Longbottom; My father says I was named after the bravest man he ever knew, did you know-"

"Well, It’s nice to meet you, Neville Potter"

"Actually, it’s-"

"It’s Neville. Your name is Neville"

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whenever you’re in a situation where you need motivation just whisper “give ‘em the old razzle dazzle” to yourself and proceed to give ‘em the old razzle dazzle.

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T-FFED Team members encourage you to join our Visibility Project for trans and gender non-conforming/non-binary folx struggling with ED issues!

The ED treatment funding org Project Heal recently sponsored a photo exhibit entitled ‘The Many Faces of Eating Disorders,’ featuring the same archetype of mostly white, young, female, cis, able-bodied folx:  We want to situate EDs firmly in a social justice context; demonstrating what eating disorders REALLY look like and who suffers (often in silence) when we look at the folx most likely to struggle and least likely to be able to afford/access culturally competent and relevant treatment.

Let’s interrupt the total lack of marginalized community representation in ED media portrayal and draw attention to the epidemic of EDs in our trans and gender-variant communities, esp. low-income communities of color who cannot afford boutique recovery programs. Lack of representative research and access to affordable, gender-literate treatment does NOT eclipse the fact that we struggle disproportionately! Come join us in increasing visibility of EDs in our communities and in mainstream ED spheres! Find out more information and learn about how we’re working to transform the face of eating disorder recovery at!

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30 Day A:TLA Challenge

Day 1 - Favorite Character 

→ Toph Beifong

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I’ve mastered the skill of feeling guilty for asking for anything

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